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If you're a style craving woman, then you'll always want to look the most stunning personality in a party, social event, friends gathering etc. At that point, you'll definitely choose to wear one of very exquisite designs of ladies suit to spice up the eyes on you. This type of positive drive of fashion and lifestyle always keeps your self confidence level high.

That charming ladies apparel we call salwar kameez, or salwar suit, no doubt is something smashing in the category of Indian ethnic wear. An Indian ladies suit is a cute collection of kurta, loose or fit trousers and an adorable piece of scarf which we lovingly name dupatta. Every Indian woman is knowingly or unknowingly proud of this extraordinary libas of modesty.

Ladies suit, the popular women attire in India

When it comes about Indian women apparel, saree is the first thing that pops into our head. Though is not any weird, considering saree is the national dress of Indian women. Surprisingly, salwar kameez with dupatta, that we popularly call a ladies suit, has set the record of highest seller women apparel in India with 30+ billions of total market. So, here we can easily assume, how much recognised as well as customary, this cute trim, ladies suit is in India.

Typically, Indian women are very smart at their dressing sense. They wear most gorgeous looking western clothes even, not caring whether long or short. Not forgetting India is in the list of top ten most fashionable countries in the world. However, the first love of Indian women is Indian traditional dresses. Sarees, Lehengas, Ghaghara Choli, and of course, the kurta suit set with dupatta, excelling over everything else.

We might have the truth that the current novel form of ladies suit, was introduced by Muslims who first came as invaders and the tradition of salwar-kameez mainly originated in north India. But the fact that popularity of this classy attire, reached all over India and made women absolutely devoted to it, majestically claims that salwar suit with dupatta, is lot more fitting to comfort than saree or any other attire.

Journey from classic attire to most trendy outfit


Women wants to look beautiful and types of dresses they choose and maintain, are the key influencers. This is what they typically wear that brings their personality into eyes. A cool, dazzling kurta with matching trousers and dupatta, is the classic suit that every woman must consider and they do it better.

Ladies suit with Kurta, pant and dupatta, is always an adorable and convenient grip to streak out your style, also traditional glamour. This glamorous journey of ladies suit, factually requires a little but keen attention. We might started with a simple slack kurta with same simple pyjama or salwar, but current era is bubbling over with most innovative designs and forms of ladies kurta set. They're so vast in look, variety and designs more sophisticated than one another, you simply fall in love with this fascinating apparel.

The highly typical initial style of ladies kurta suit we have is, long or medium length, straight shape kurta, pairing salwar or churidars as bottom. It was then made further more fashionable with unique Punjabi
suit having relatively short kurta with distinctively overlaid salwar, called a Patiala.


Who can forget Palazzo style suit, the outfit crazily ruled women's dressing decency. Dhoti style suit didn't any fail to attract female interests, Sharara, Gharara suit, Pakistani suit, Afghani style salwar suit, parallel suit, frock style suit and several more distinguished classes of styles, ladies suits have always have been coming in latest and trendy tricks, making them the apple of eyes.

Amazing advantages of buying and wearing suits

Designer kurta suit sets are order of the day. Right from local bazaars to online shop stores, fancy designer suits for women are overflowing in sights. Look, design, patterns, forms, colours, patchwork, style and methods of dressing them up, they just leave eyes amazed. No wonder why this amazing garb is so popular not only in India but all over the world.

Did you ever wonder why this beautiful women apparel has not only become fashion trend, but also has set highest sale records? Of course the answer is, they're the most loved dressing option among the women. They do adore female body effecting a very respectable look. After all they said it right that style simply, and let you remain complicated.

There's no season when this trendy outfit misses any ladies wardrobe, here are some of strong reasons why you should keep a dozen of them on your daily wear list. Added to your wish list, they bring loads of dressing advantages.

1. Style in simplicity

The first objective of choosing any particular garment is to feel comfortable. However, some women wear too tight western style clothes just to fit in style category, but they are failed to go easy in such outfits. Smart women choose smart dressing such as traditional but latest and trendy kurta suit.

Simplicity is the name of best style, beauty and simplicity go hand in hand. Your usual habit of wearing a modest dress like salwar kurta suit, helps you build confidence in your own choice. If you believe in your choice, you'll be unstoppable by anyone or anything. So, why to wait, buy your next stylish women suit out of the most elegant and vast collection to flaunt your killer simplicity.


  1. Weather friendly

As we know, the tradition of salwar suits emerged from North India, but no more depends on regions. As a symbol of modesty and ethics, the dress was taken as first choice casual wear. Apart from ritual and traditional values, ladies kurta suit claims a lot more benefits. The top thing that comes with a matching suit is that is remains flexible and convenient round the year.

This legendary outfit is a specific kind that remains perfect for all weather types. It stays airy for itchy summer, a full body armour, against winter and easy to go while it's monsoon. Generally, women wear suits considering them best for their look no matter what's the weather like. To that end, amazing kurta suit turns out to be undeniably good.

3. Looks classy and modest

Indian women prefer to wear traditional dresses on daily basis, whereas they like to go western on a particular occasion. Some college girls or working women find Jeans and shirt most comfortable. Apart from them, millions of more working women, house wives, students and even business women, would rather robe themselves up in a decent portrayal of salwar kurta set with dupatta. It doesn't take longer and you're ready with a superior vignette in seconds.


Properly dressed approach brings comfort and happiness, may you be anywhere or do anything. No woman can look pure but the one who's dressed soberly. The ladies suits bring such warm decency in your feminine disposition. Keep grabbing your dress honour with your attractive daily, party and festive wear ladies palazzo suit with dupatta, a chic printed indo western style kurta, or gown style set, all are women's favourite style makers.

4. Comfortable and relaxing

For many exemplary reasons, woman kurta set women, promotes convenience and keep them stress free. Due to flexibility in all activities, kurta sets boost your mood which further aids bringing healthy vibes throughout the day and you bring best in you. Multiple designs and style are available, waiting to adore you, so keep styling with a dazzling kurta set.

Buy a cute floral print suit, a lovely palazzo kurta and dupatta set, a winsome anarkali style set from latest hot seller collection, a trendy pant style kurta set, latest style of contrasting Sharara set, or any of cool, innovative design out of thousands. They're just best out of best that embellish your natural elegance.

5. Catches more attention
For ladies, a fancy designer kurta set is a perfect means to enjoy the day best. One of the many advantages of wearing a cute salwar kameez and dupatta is that it brings you into attention. Such meek dressing style makes people appreciate your dressing sense, specially because it values our cultural ethics.

With no dispute, women in an ethnic dress such as kurta suit, gather supreme cultural ratings. Western wear style is definitely gorgeous, but fails to excel Indian designer outfits that hugely reflect our mainstream custom. The beauty of a kurta set demonstrates decency and importance and that how they work to dominate feminine appeal.

VAABA designer suit collection

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